Giving Hope to Those with Creative Minds

For most of her life, Lori Bestler knew she did not function to her full potential in standardized systems.  Being overwhelmed by long lectures, tedious tasks, stifling memorization programs and strict work structures, caused her to think she was not smart enough, not competent enough, and incapable of achieving the levels of success she’d seen so many others obtain.

Yet, Lori’s determined will to succeed in spite of adversity prompted her to seek solutions to not only survive but thrive.

Diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder at the age of 41, specialists confirmed Lori’s suspicions that her brain was “unique”.  She spent most of her life studying the mind and self-improvement philosophies trying to “fix” herself.  Through studying power of the mind, positive thinking, motivation, and how music affects the mind to reach higher potential, Lori learned how to use her ADHD to excel.

Bestler began studying the affects of music on her own brain. She composed “SURGE and SOAR” to increase her ability to stay on task, stay positive, and stay energized.  Amazed at the positive results gained by listening to “SURGE and SOAR” every day, Lori knew she needed to share this treasure with others.

Mission of SURGE and SOAR: 

ADDer’s are known to be creative ambitious individuals who dream big and take on many projects that require remarkable abilities and focus to accomplish. In spite of all they do they seldom feel it is enough with the self-critique lurking around every corner.  Sound familiar?

Life is often overwhelming.   We can easily loose ourselves, loose our confidence, and loose sight of our goals and dreams.

When you live each day unleashing more of your amazing potential, you enter the realm of limitless possibilities.  No longer do you struggle trying to be, or do, but rather live life as passionately, appreciatively, and authentically as possible.

We can never know all that we are capable of.  Only through exploration, learning, and doing, do we realize our potential.  In the journey of achieving our dreams, uncertainty is ever present.  We need motivational products, programs and support, as in a life coach, to help keep us moving forward.

Music became one of Lori’s solutions to these challenges.  ADDer or not, you too can benefit from our brain boosting motivational music.   Achieve best results with ear phones.

“As I painfully and passionately created, reworked, and finally said “done” to this astonishing agonizing project, something I have never done before, I will never regret my experience.  I have explored unchartered waters and traveled to places within myself where I never knew potential existed.  Such is the beauty found when one is willing to leave the comforts and confines of the limiting familiar and secure shore.”

Listen to “SURGE and SOAR” each day to unleash your enormous potential.  As you move forward, embracing your desires and striving to achieve your dreams, remember to enjoy the journey.

Special Thanks:  To God for giving us talent to produce such a masterpiece.  To my talented and incredibly patient friends; Mark Ziegler who helped create the musical compositions, Jeff Janes who created the graphic designs, Jamey Austad my wonderful website wizzard, David Grupa for making me look good in my portraits, and Maureen Carney for her exceptional editing skills, this dream would not have been possible.  Thank you all so very much!  Bless you bunches!

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