The New Year is here and it’s a fabulous time for a fresh start.  And a fresh start starts with taking One Step at a Time.

As I personally can be very hard on myself, expecting so much, I realize how important it is to rejoice in what I DID do last year versus my disappointments!  Amazingly when I do focus on the positives, my energy and motivation increases and I shock myself by discovering all I truly accomplished. 

“True meaningful success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.”  John Wooden

So the journey is not a race meant to make you look good, earn a certain amount of money, be just like everyone else that you admire.  Instead the “wonderful” journey is about striving to enjoy the journey, discovering your potential, making a difference in someone’s life through the process of achieving goals. 

The journey is not about reaching an “end”, but more about defining and enjoying the process.  And processes are never finished.  Processes guide.  While living in this process of “Life” now is the perfect time to ask yourself, “Are my “processes” (ways I think, things I believe in, and my habits) beneficial?” 

Are you happy?  Are you growing?  Are you getting better; having more “meaningful” relationships, achieving goals that leave a legacy, staying healthy or improving your lifestyle?  Do you feel like you’re depressed or exhilarated?  Do you feel like you’re growing old?  Or do you believe that you are as young as you feel which is pretty good for your age?

NOW is the BEST time for you to LET GO of processes that no longer serve your best interests, and FULLY embrace your talents, go after your desires, and discover what ever else you possess…and do MORE of THAT. 

When you are seeking to be your best and enjoy life it ROCKS.  When you are whining all the time, looking at what’s wrong, well it really stinks, and it gets stinkier all the time.  So stop the negative thinking immediately and turn it around.  Look to see what is Great! If you’re not seeing much, than get going and start doing something positive.  Volunteer, that helps you think positive pretty darn fast when you see others struggling more than you.  It stops whining right in its tracks.

When I ask my dad how he is doing he always says, “Well Lori Jean, I can’t complain, I’m on the right side of the grass today.”  You see dad has his aches and pains; he has a hard time sleeping most of the time.  He can’t drive at night or long distances anymore. Yet he refuses to give his thought energy to thinking life is bad because of his physical ailments.  He believes life is good and physical ailments at his age are a part of the process.  He always says “It could be so much worse. And goes on to discuss the less unfortunates in the world.”  You see life is good even when it is full of challenges.  It’s all a matter of perspective.

Five years ago, after my divorce, I was struggling in many ways, mostly in my thinking.  I focused on all that went wrong, my dreams shattered, so many changes going on that I was stuck in overwhelm like a hamster running on the wheel-going no where fast.  Even though I’ve coached hundreds of individuals, helping them define their goals, develop their beginning steps to move forward with passion, and help them to believe in their self more than they did at first, I couldn’t help myself.  I needed to hire a coach. 

Then as the years went on and my goals got more challenging as a business owner, and my doubts at times grew bigger than my confidence, I needed to pull some pretty big weeds in the landscape of my mind where gigantic barriers sabotaged my ability to move forward.  Hypnosis helped with that tremendously, both self-hypnosis (what I now teach) and being hypnotized by another.  Yes even hypnotists hypnotize each other.  It is life-changing.

So I encourage you to get some support if you are stuck.  There are a lot of talented individuals that can help you move much more confidently forward. The moment you say “Yes, I want help,” the universe often brings before you just the right person you need.

George Bernard Shaw said, “The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, they make them.”

We become what we think about most.  That which consumes our thought energy wins. And I have discovered through developing over 200 nationally recognized sales consultants, the person who has no goal, who doesn’t know where they’re going, must have doubtful thoughts full of confusion, anxiety and worry.  People without direction live a life of frustration, fear, and far to often feel empty or depressed as a result. And if a person thinks about nothing… nothing they produce. Notta, Zippo, Meaningless Living.  So unnecessary!

So are you READY to make 2011 an Amazing Year?  The sky is the limit! 

I pray that you realize all you desire this year…

Focus on taking ONE STEP at a time, each day; One Key Step that will lead you to where you want to go most.  Identify your One Dynamic Step for the day, before you get out of bed.  Write down your One Determined Step first thing when you get up.  Get your One Primary Step done as soon as possible that day.

And remember…setbacks are a part of the process.  With each setback, just say, “Everyday in everyway I am getting better and better!”  Setbacks and mistakes are GREAT teachers.

Then soon, possibly sooner than you think, your multitude of One Steps have helped you to manifest that One Goal that catapults you to a much higher level of positive living beyond what you ever imagined.

Thoughts Become Reality.  Believe it-Achieve it!

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