Living Out Your Truth by Lori Bestler

Take one step, then another, then another, and never stop. You see, you don’t achieve dreams; you are living “in” the dream each day.The life you live is a novel you are writing. Therefore, it’s is as if your entire existence is a book that tells the story of your life. This book of life is a living testament to the main character which is you.

The dream, the story, the book, is living through you, right now.The pen is in your hand!

Regardless of having the conscious awareness that you are writing that which influences your life experiences, you have in some way authored the life you’re currently living and are about to live.Your future is in your mind first.

“The Bushmen in the Kalahari Desert talk about the two “hungers”. There is the Great Hunger and there is the Little Hunger. The Little Hunger wants food for the belly; but the Great Hunger, the greatest hunger of all, is the hunger for meaning…

There is ultimately only one thing that makes human beings deeply and profoundly bitter, and that is to have thrust upon them a life without meaning.

There is nothing wrong in searching for happiness. But of far more comfort to the soul is something greater than happiness or unhappiness, and that is meaning; because meaning transfigures all.

Once what you are doing has for you meaning, it is irrelevant whether you’re happy or unhappy. You are content – you are not alone in your Spirit – you belong.”Laurens van der Post

Your truth is where your meaningful life is found.Courage is what it takes to live it out.Courage is what you need to be honest with yourself; to admit “that’s it” and create the kind of life you want to live.Fear of criticism that can come with sharing big dreams, stops most people from following their hearts desires.They keep dreams secret, settle, and play small, all for the sake of avoiding rejection. Being small serves no one.

If only people knew how very powerful they really are.

If only they knew that they had divine support.

How would their dreams and vision of their life change?

Be open, be willing.

Today as I was doing some research, I noticed my attention was drawn to a repeating number. It popped up after I finished a math calculation.It immediately popped up on the clock right after that.In my life I’ve been conditioned to notice the non-coincidental occurrences and trust that spirit wants to tell me something.I am inspired and follow the direction I am given. In the past I would be embarrassed to tell anyone about how connected I am to spiritual guidance.Who wants to be rejected, to be considered weird by those who are not keenly aware of such occurrences?However, in my truth, I realize it is a special gift that I use to help others in meaningful ways.Rejection, or appreciation, it is me, I am that, so be it!

This prompting encouraged me to seek out the significance of this being an Angel Number.This is what it said…

This number is a message from your angels telling you that you are being assisted by the Ascended Masters with manifesting provision of your material needs, and you are asked to release your fears of lack or loss. Your angels and Ascended Masters want for you to live your soul mission and Divine life purpose with passion and enthusiasm.

This Angel Number is a message to shift your focus from the financial and monetary aspects of the physical world to your inner spirituality and a place of unconditional love. It is a message that your prayers and positive affirmations regarding your material wants and needs (i.e. money, home, food etc.) are being answered and responded to. Have faith and trust that your needs will be met and you and your loved ones will have all that you require in your lives.

You are being encouraged to trust that all of your material needs will be provided as you serve your Divine life purpose.

Interestingly, these were beautiful words of encouragement I felt compelled to share with a client that I worked with earlier in the day.That is the message I want to spread to everyone who is open to it. You are here to serve a Divine purpose.And when you stand in your truth, live according to your hearts desires, utilizing your natural gifts, regardless of rejection, you will find that your dreams manifest in miraculous ways and you are taken care of.

I’ve learned by personal experience, that when you identify a purpose, something that gives your life meaning, you will have a burning desire to fulfill it, an undeniable power pulsates within.It’s as if you can seek the unknown, face the uncertainty, and step into the dream every day without backing down.The stronger fear; stronger than fearing failure, and even stronger than fearing rejection, is fearing missing your chance at living “the dream”? It’s fearing quitting your pursuit the day something significant was about to unfold?

No doubt, the power to persist pursuing your meaningful dreams comes in your attitude of gratitude.

You can grimly face each day with the attitude that being consistent, doing many of the same things over and over again, even though you are working toward a meaningful goal, is too mundane. Or you tell yourself that the challenges you face and changes you need to make are too grievous to tackle.

Here is how dreams begin.You have a dream, and you are inspired.Your inspiration prompts you to take action.Then one day you lose sight of the vision, you stop taking that focused action, and ultimately lose sight of your belief that the vision is possible.Then you start fretting, and you act frazzled, jumping around from one task to another, unfocused and feeling a sense of futility.

Another approach is to hold the vision, focus on the action that produces the best results and trust that the Universe will come to the aid of your concentrated efforts.

Even doing the same job, tasks, housework, and workout, can be unique and uplifting when you find a reason to appreciate what you have in a fresh way while you’re doing it. Imagine that every experience is a first.Every sunset and sunrise creates a unique landscape that is just as breathtaking as the one before. Every walk reveals a new song from a bird in the distance singing just to you, a butterfly landing on your shoulder is saying hi in a very special way, or notice how someone walking by with a huge smile on their face just lifts your spirits. Blend many of those first into each day to up level your attitude and nurture joy.

Last yet far from least, to encourage the cultivation of living your truth as you’re living “in the dream, allocate quiet time to rest.When you can release your stress, relax your body and calm your mind; setting aside the distractions of the day, you can tune into your inner truth.The Spirit of God wants to speak to you, and only whispers.  God will not boldly blast messages into your brain, casting all thoughts that clutter your mind aside.

So practice the art of being still, letting go, and relaxing.Soon, and possibly sooner than you can comprehend, you will be connecting to a Higher Power, feeling an incredible inner peace, gaining valuable insight and begin creating the success you deeply desire and living the life you really love.