Manage Your Mind and Excel

The perception that what you are thinking is true, is one of the biggest deceptions there is. That’s why recreating a new mindset — which often involves changing your habits, standards or expectations — can be the most helpful in dealing with negative thinking.

1. Reassess your values. Do you need to vacuum and dust twice a week? Could a grilled cheese sandwich replace homemade lasagna once in a while? Redefine cleanliness, success and fulfillment, and you may operate with a little less guilt and frustration. Have to, should, can’t, must, always, never, are destroyers of joy. They can set unreasonable demands on yourself — or others. LET GO! Be flexible.

2. Practice negative thought-stopping. Stop negative thoughts from infiltrating your beliefs immediately. Refuse to replay negative situations or self criticizing thoughts in your mind. If you starve a thought by not feeding it, or giving it any of your attention, it will cease to rule your perceptions. Sometimes it is necessary to get support to recognize the deeply embedded limiting beliefs and toxic thoughts you possess that steal your success and joy. Coaching is often essential to shifting out all the contaminating thoughts in your subconscious mind and help you focus on what you really want.

3. Practice positive self-talk. Be kind and encouraging to yourself. Pessimism can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. That is, if you think your presentation isn’t going to go well, you may indeed stumble through it. One negative thought can lead to another, and soon you’ve created a mental avalanche. Try telling yourself things such as, “Even though it’s tough, I can handle this situation.” Be positive. Always expect the best.

4. Open your mind. Try looking at your situation from a new reference point. Instead of feeling frustrated that you are home with a sick child, look at it as an opportunity to bond, relax and finish a load of laundry. “I can make good out of any situation. I focus on solutions, not problems”.

5. Forgive yourself. Everyone makes mistakes. Mistakes aren’t permanent reflections on you as a person. They are isolated moments in time. Tell yourself, “I made a mistake but that doesn’t make me a bad person.”

6. Create an assets column. Imagine all of the things that bring you joy in life — vacation, children, pets. Think about…

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