Distracted? Busy Mind’s Are Suffering!


It may come as no surprise that new research has found more than half of working adults have trouble keeping their mind focused on the task at hand.

Have you ever notice how when you try to become very productive in order to get more done with technology–sometimes it gets worse before it gets better?

You start on something but soon get distracted by the Internet. Google takes you on a day wasting search, soon forgetting what you were trying to do as one attention grabbing ploy takes you on a journey of no return.  Or you’re taken off track by a phone call, an email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or even a compelling video online that ultimately has no value whatsoever to move you closer toward achieving immediate goals. In fact, as a result of technology, I have found that at a time when I need to be more efficient, I have become less effective than ever.

Many Entrepreneurs are suffering severe repercussions of having a busy mind and losing focus. In one study, over 50 percent of the 300 people surveyed confessed to being distracted within15 minutes of starting a task, while two in five noticed their ability to focus had worsened over the past 12 months.

The busy mind syndrome seems to be an increasing problem that is prohibiting people from performing optimally and leading many to dealing with declining health issues.  Busy mind syndrome is defined as a tendency to juggle multiple activities and multi-task and as a result, struggle to concentrate on one task.  This state of being overloaded often leads to an inability of effectively processing information and easily raises levels of stress that increases substantially over time.  Unable to switch off the overwhelmed mental state, busy minds struggle to find solutions.

Research shows it can take employees 50% longer to complete tasks when multi-tasking—that’s’ 35% of productivity potential getting lost. Yet busy minds continue to be drawn toward one adrenaline seeking activity to another, eventually becoming addicted to stimulation and avoiding the focused activities that completion requires.

The human brain produces approximately 70,000 thoughts on an average day.  There are 86,400 seconds in a 24 hour day. That means we have a different thought every 1.2 seconds. With that said, a busy person’s limited time needs to be tightly focused and thoughts need to be constantly aimed at most desirable outcomes. Or else stress and failure to succeed becomes a critical problem.

Daily, millions of people abuse their bodies. In fact, research suggests that 90+% of all dis-ease and illness is stress related.  “The Busy Mind Syndrome”; a rapidly increasing stressor, contributes to low productivity, bad attitudes, and lost time at work which costs employers and entrepreneurs thousands of dollars.

No one’s really been taught how to get the most potential out of their brain—you certainly do not learn it in school.

Lori Bestler, Strategic mind coach offers Motivational Speaking Engagements and Coaching to address these problems.  She teaches individuals and organizations effective brain enhancing techniques and tips to:

•Complete tasks with greater ease

•Eliminate negative self-talk, worry and doubt to reduce stress, increase success and your ability to deal with future stressors while enjoying life more

Studies reveal, time and time again that thoughts, energy-intentions, and beliefs all affect our physical body’s molecular structure, and our ability to achieve success and live to our full potential.

Lori also teaches Mind Mastery skills to remove limitations in your mind, and reshape thoughts and words so you can:

•Motivate yourself to step out of your comfort zone and into greatness

•Increase confidence and self-esteem

•Tap into the power of positive thinking to increase productivity and achieve goals


Two Top Tips that really help busy minded individuals succeed:

1. Make sure you start your day in a stress free way

It is critical to stay focused, curb doubt, anxiety and avoid overwhelm if you want to achieve peak performance and enhance well-being.

The way to do that is by practicing stress management techniques like self-hypnosis, meditation, yoga and exercise.  Of course nutrition, drinking plenty of water and getting at least 7-8 hours of sound sleep a night is also important.

At MINDSCAPES UNLIMITED Hypnosis Coaching Center individuals learn how to reduce stress, overcome procrastination, and use the natural power of their mind to improve health, change behavior and achieve any goal they want through their Strategic Mind Coaching program.  Busy Minded Entrepreneurs learn how to increase clarity, confidence and competence through the “Manifest Success” Workshop, held quarterly.


2.  Manage your time and tasks most effectively

First, spend a few minutes writing down everything you have to do on a piece of paper. Resist the urge to use technology for this task so you do not get sucked into the tunnel of no return. Also writing your goals on paper — and then crossing things out —connects your mind to your task more effectively.

Second, spend 15 minutes — no more — completing as many of the easiest, fastest tasks as you can. Make quick phone calls. File a pile of paperwork.  Don’t worry about whether these are the most important tasks on your list. Get moving. The goal is to cross off as many items as possible in the shortest time. Use a timer to keep you focused. Then with little successes, you’ll feel empowered and motivated to do more.


About Author Lori Bestler:  Rarely do you find in one individual a motivational speaker, business & life coach, and hypnotherapist who specializes in helping entrepreneurs with busy minds struggling with anxiety, negative thinking, procrastination, and lack of focus and follow through. Yet Lori Bestler offers just that. Her dynamic formula helps individuals break through barriers, remove limiting beliefs and deal with habits and behaviors that hold them back from realizing an optimal state of unlimited success and wellbeing.

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