Why Change?

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Today, individuals and organizations realize that when they are constantly changing for the better, they are the successful survivors.

Click on the BLACK “WATCH LORI” drop down Tab at the top of this page to see a motivational keynote clip.  This presentation was created for a company who believes in inspiring their employees to step into their “Greatness” and unleash their full potential.  To grow means you have to change.  If nothing changes, nothing grows.  Many people fear change.  So how do you conquer fear to embrace change?

Even though you may be continuously involved in improvement programs that teach how to increase profits through sales, develop leaders, and improve external relationships, you still may face opposition and conflict within your personal life and corporate culture. These new skills and areas of development to improve an individual and organization are not enough.

The whole person, often ignored in the workplace, exists and must be nurtured, recognized, and brought though a process of understanding change to reach the success you target. Without it, people tend to be fearful, doubtful, and avoid doing anything that may make them look like a failure.

Motivation-Steps to Positive Change By Lori Bestler.

Motivation is a driver and a reason for moving, for taking action. When you want or desire to have or achieve something that energizes you, excites you, and connects to what makes you feel alive – you are motivated. Motivation, a meaningful and exciting goal, puts a person in motion.

Wait! Can motivation also be driven by fear? When you feel threatened, are you motivated to respond in a particular way? Can you be forced to change because you are motivated by fear?

Illness can motivate you to eat better, exercise, stop smoking if you value good health.

The threat of divorce can motivate you to pay more attention to your spouse or change a bad habit that is destroying your relationship.

Being confronted by your boss who tells you that if you don’t work harder you will loose your job, can motivate you to come in to work early, work through breaks, or stay late, if you value the income your earning or fear not being able to get a better job.

A competitive and educated society can motivate you to go to college, get a degree, fearing you will not get promoted or make enough money with out it. Bottom line, motivation is what you need to change and grow.

Motivation is an emotion driven by negative energy or positive energy. Whether you’re motivated by something that energizes you or something you fear, it is motivation that will activate the emotional energy necessary to get you moving toward a specific outcome. Motivation driven by fear, gives the fear power. What you fear is always dominating your thoughts. Hope, faith, and personal growth are seldom found where fear dominates. Fear feeds doubt and low self-esteem. Even being motivated to do nothing, is moving you in a certain direction that affects your future.

External incentives, financial rewards, are motivators too. However they often are short lived. When you’re always seeking praise or a raise, you can risk loosing your happiness, peace of mind, and being content with just being you.

Why change? Why grow? Because you are either changed by force or changed by choice. Only when you’re changing by choice will you grow your knowledge, realize your capabilities, and live energized, fulfilled, and love life. Changing by choice puts you in the driver’s seat of creating a life that aligns with your dreams.  Do you need to change?  Is there something holding you back from living the life you desire?  Alone change is almost impossible.  However, joining a supportive group or hiring a coach for individualized support, is the preferred solution for thousands of people today.


Motivation for Positive Change-Step #1

When motivation is fueled by positive energy, you are connected to a desirable outcome, a personal passion to do or achieve something that excites and energizes you. You take action because what you choose to do really matters to you and you don’t care if it matters to anyone else, you still do it. The reason so many companies, groups, and associations hire motivational speakers is because they have a way of getting employees engaged and excited about learning, working hard, and getting involved to grow the business.  Sample Lori’s speaking style.  Click on the BLACK “WATCH LORI” drop down TAB at the top of the page.

Amazing Change: Author Unknown

In the early 1980s the managers at General Motors and the workers on its assembly lines viewed one another with hostility and fear. The situation at the factory in Fremont, California, had the worst atmosphere. You could tell frustration and negativity motivated negative actions by the number of beer bottles littering the parking lot.

On any given day, more than a thousand of the five thousand workers wouldn’t bother showing up for work. The ones who did show up were distrustful and bitter.

Employees rebelled when their bosses forced them to speed up the production line. Employees thought GM was trying to make them appear incompetent by forcing them to work faster. When they could not keep up, GM would eliminate jobs and replace them with robots. They were partly right: GM’s top executives in Detroit blamed the company’s problems on its unruly employees, and they were investing a staggering amount of money on automation–$45 billion–so they could cut back on human labor.

Tension spread throughout the Fremont plant. Workers and managers battled incessantly. The workers fought with one another so fiercely that the national headquarters of the United Auto Workers had to seize control of the local branch. GM’s vice president for labor relations called the plant’s workforce “unmanageable.” A large percentage of the workers had been there for twenty to twenty- five years, and they were considered impossibly “resistant” to change.

Considering the situation hopeless, GM closed down the factory and laid off five thousand workers. Then something really strange happened, almost unthinkable. Toyota offered to revive the plant and produce a GM car there–a Chevrolet. The two companies created a partnership named New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. Toyota wanted to recruit fresh new hands, but the UAW insisted otherwise.

Toyota reluctantly took back the ornery old hands.The workers returned with the same distrust for their new bosses as they had for the previous ones. The workers’, now fearing less pay, seemed vindicated when Toyota said it would need only half as many workers as GM to build the same number of cars. When Toyota’s management talked about creating a new sense of mutual trust and respect in Fremont, the employees said the idea was a lie.

Regardless of the employees’ bad attitude, that’s exactly what happened. Three months after the assembly line started up again, the company was rolling out cars with hardly any defects. At that same time many GM factories struggled to keep their average down to forty defects per car. A Wall Street Journal correspondent wrote that New United Motor Mfg. Inc. was producing “some of the best cars that GM had ever sold… with half as many workers”. The cost of making the cars fell dramatically.

Absenteeism at the Fremont factory went from over 20 percent down to 2 percent, even though Toyota banned practices such as smoking and listening to the radio.

Back at GM’s headquarters in Detroit, top executives assumed that Toyota achieved its spectacular results through cutting- edge technology. Detroit sent envoys to Fremont to see what was happening. Their investigation revealed that there was no secretive technology to see. The company’s machinery was three decades out of date: It was 1950s technology!

What did Toyota’s executives know that enabled them to win over thousands of workers who had been considered “unmanageable”?

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