Protect Your Mental Assets-Success Strategy #5

Just Because They Said It, Doesn’t Mean It’s True

By Lori Bestler-Positive Change Expert

When a person tells you that it is important to protect your assets, you can believe that because life experience proves it to be true. Unfortunately, many fail to recognize the importance of one of their most important assets–their mind. How much is your brain worth?  Everything!

It is imperative in this day and age to be careful of what you believe. Choosing carefully what to put into your mind, creating internal “Mindsets” is the selective critical process that each of us can develop, if we are smart enough to do so.  Our “Mindsets” are our most beneficial assets.  They set the stage for every thought, belief and action.  Thus, outcomes we experience are a direct result of our “Mindsets”.

Before you conform, confirm what you think.  Make sure it is useful and true.  Your health, happiness and success may depend on it.


“Great men are they who see that spiritual thought (inspiration) is stronger than any material force (production).  They know that thoughts rule the world.”  

~Ralph Waldo Emerson, American philosopher and poet, 1803-82, from Progress of Culture


I’ve heard this said many times before, “Whatever you think, you’re right.”Thoughts do become things. 

Often our outcomes are the result of our thinking.  Thoughts that are lies, I call “beasts” can dominate your thinking and control your self-identity.  Through lies that say “I can’t”, “I’m worthless”, “I’m incapable”, “everyone in my family (has anxiety, is depressed, gets diabetes), that means I will too”, your future is framed in the landscape of the mind.  Lies remain lies because an individual agrees with them.

This creates increasing levels of stress and many ill health conditions are caused from emotional stress.

There remains a widespread belief in genetic intelligence differences even though there is so little evidence, which makes the idea of intelligence genes resemble folk psychology. Such ideas do real damage in the classroom and beyond.

For example, Carol S. Dweck of Stanford University has shown that students believing in preset intelligence perform worse than their counterparts who believe that intelligence is dynamic and results from hard work.

Claude M. Steele of Stanford University, for instance, found that African-American students underperformed white students on a test that was framed as being diagnostic of intelligence but performed just as well as whites when this verbiage was absent.

 If you want your thoughts to serve you well and help you find more fulfillments in life, first face the beast in the mind.  Often what is needed more than anything else, is a good mental house-cleaning.   

Facing the thought clutter of the past, that is paralyzing your ability to embrace a better future, can be so healing.  Getting rid of the debilitating lies in your mind frees up space to input more useful thoughts to grow on. 

Then learning how to shield your future thoughts from ineffectively shaping your inner reality is the next wise investment. Here lies the place of lasting peace of mind and huge returns. For help removing the mental clutter in your mind contact us for a free consultation to learn more.  


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