Do you have deep inner blocks which thwart any attempts to achieve greater success in your life or business?

Would you love to be able to accept affirmations for personal achievement but you just don’t seem to believe them enough to work effectively?


With self-hypnosis, a simple and powerful tool, you can over-ride mental resistance and access deeper levels of mind, to eliminate blocks and anxieties, instantly reduce stress, as well as motivate and energize yourself for positive change and greater success.


Goals-Why People Succeed

  • Did you know that successful people fail frequently? 
  • Did you know that successful people also experience self-doubt?
  • And did you know that successful people find support for achieving goals?

Here’s what separates them from unsuccessful people:

(1) They learn from their failures, learn power of visualization and how to have lazar sharp focus, persisting relentlessly to get what they want.  For them, failures are temporary setbacks and stepping stones to success–not permanent obstacles.

(2) Successful people have doubts and a critical voice inside–they’ve just learned how to turn it off (see article) to realize their goals and dreams.


 Lori teaches a powerful group Self-hypnosis and NLP course called Manifest Success Workshop in Lino Lakes, MN.  This is a full day action packed seminar.

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