Changing Energies Are On the Horizon

Are You Prepared To Deal With Them?

Do you know that you, as a human being, have both masculine and feminine energy in you? Well you do.  and this overall imbalance in humanity is causing a rise in anxiety as a result!

Due to the imbalanced masculine and feminine energies on the planet, the Earth is correcting the destructive path of humanity, forcing a course correction that is causing anxiety and a host of perceived problems in our world at this time.

I listened to a podcast from Christina Lopes the other day. I found it quite interesting and insightful. I must agree with her thoughts recognizing how our world has been in serious decline. No doubt humanity is destroying itself. Could it be largely due to imbalanced masculine energy domination? (Not same as man vs woman)!  I took the photo connected to this article which compelled me to write a summary of her information below.

Christina was referring to what happens under a Libra full moon.  That was March 31st…

We can recognize what injustice has cost us lately, both collectively and individually. Our understanding of beauty is narrowed in a world that doesn’t recognize the sacredness of all people. Our ability to love each other fully is bound up in our imbalances of masculine and feminine energies that coexist within every male and female.

Under a Libra full moon, we can unburden our grief by recognizing that the masculine energy, protector that has become distorted over thousands of years has kept its sword up, in constant alert mode. That destructive pattern needs to be healed. Masculine is hyper sensitive and hyper vigilant thinking feminine energy is defenseless. It is not!

Masculine can be rigid, planning, drowning out free flowing creative energy, playfulness, and joy.

When energy is Feminine it is soothing and healing, and fiery pure potential. She can be destructive if things need to be destroyed in your life that create imbalances.

Feminine energy is the feeler, pulling you into your emotions, healing, respecting, living and caring for the “body” (your own and others) She is a feeler not thinker. Sitting with feelings to discern and transcend those imbalances. She is a powerful Creative force.

No doubt, Feminine energy is being ushered in this year in each of us. Actually it began in 2020 and will be the dominant energy on earth for years to come. She is calling us to go inward.  You can resist it, feeling confused, frustrated, and anxious, or start to understand it to flow better with it. The planet is moving humanity to a more feminine heart centric energy. The masculine head way of thinking and doing is weakening.

Change is Inevitable

What do we do?

Go within!!!  Our inner world needs to course correct our inner energies to correct the imbalance in the world.

I must agree that this is happening. I am getting so many calls from new clients that they don’t understand what is going on.  They are feeling increasingly anxious.  Definitely the state of our world today, with all the embedding of fears during this COVID19 pandemic, the isolation, the pressure to survive the financial difficulties, the change in work processes, and basically alter the way we do things, is causing unrest.  Even outside of the pandemic, the political unrest, black lives matter issues, natural disasters, all have been surmounting a realization of how the masculine energy has been dominating division.  Feminine energy of our “mother earth” is stepping in to begin unification; taming the masculine energy that is filled with greed, domination, supremacy ego, and a destructive warrier persona.

Not only that, I’ve felt intuitively, for several years now, that we’ve been functioning in a spiritual deficit.  We are not listing to the aspects within our self to be guided from a higher state.  We are repeating traditions, feeding our problematic patterns, and creating a state of emotional numbness, never good enough, empty in so many way.  Time to tap into our intuition, listen within, and rise up.  If you’re not preparing for this, you’ll be left behind.  Anxiety will be the messenger to do something different.  You’re emotions, feelings and body will be speaking to you.  Moody, foggy headed, reactive, stressed out, and possibly illness.  And that just might mean you need to get some help to guide you in a healthier and more energetically aligned direction.

Here is a little more information to help you understand the difference in feminine and masculine energy. We as human beings have both.

Left Right Hemispheres-Masculine Feminine Energy

Which Hemisphere/Energy do you spend most time using?

Left Hemisphere

Yang-Masculine Energy

  • Stress & Deadlines
  • Financial Issues
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Logic
  • Planning
  • Overthinking
  • Protection-safety, sword
  • Ingestion Excess;
  • Caffeine
  • Too Much Exercise
  • Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs
  • Sugar

Right Hemisphere

Yin-Feminine Energy

  • Meditation & Deep Breathing
  • Art & Creativity
  • Playing Music
  • Sleep & Relaxation
  • Yoga & Tai Chi
  • Nurturing
  • Nature
  • Balance
  • Intuition
  • Emotional Connection
  • Feeling

Finding a balance between your Right and Left Brain hemispheres  which align with your masculine and feminine energies will seriously help to improve your health; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

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