Isn’t it time to take hold of your personal truth, power and intuition?

Yah, but!!!…

Does this sound like you?

Certain people find theirself experiencing persistent anxiety, worry, and stress.  They have a pattern of negative thinking where it seems impossible to experience true fulfillment, self-love, and authentic power.  These harmful undesirable traits hinder them from realizing their full potential and uniqueness.

Ever present feelings of fear, doubt, hopelessness and not being enough, are often overshadowed by some form of guilt or shame from not being perfect. Maybe you were scolded because of not measure up to someone else’s expectations.  Possibly you made a human mistake, like we all do…often. These are self-limiting thoughts that likely didn’t originate with anything you did horribly wrong or did at all.

You see, people with traits like those previously mentioned, are identified as an empath, intuitive, or highly sensitive person.  They seem to have inherent delicate emotional traits which shape a highly perceptive, caring, and insightful individual that has a strong intuition.  When these people face opposition, ridicule, or bullying they shrink, blame their self even if it isn’t their fault.  Intuitively they know when something is wrong, when someone is hurting, when someone is lying, when something is going to happen.  Yet far too often, they second guess this inner awareness and insightful messenger.

Have you ever had a subtle knowing without ever having any idea why you know it?  I do…A LOT!

Sophy Burnham, bestselling author of The Art of Intuition, describes intuition like this…

“It’s different from thinking, it’s different from logic or analysis … It’s a knowing without knowing.”

This keen sense of awareness gives these gifted people an ability to be incredibly influential. It’s very easy to dismiss intuition.  People don’t want to appear as crazy by telling others what they really think. However, it’s a great gift that when noticed, acted on and developed, can serve you very well.

How do you identify intuitive people?

They listen to, rather than ignore the guidance of their intuition and gut feelings. In order to make our best decisions, we need a balance of intuition — which serves to bridge the gap between instinct and reasoning — and rational thinking, according to Francis Cholle, author of The Intuitive Compass.

Many cognitive scientists argue that intuitive and analytic thinking should not be viewed as opposites. Studies indicate that our decision-making often works best when we blend both strategies. But the cultural bias against following one’s instinct or intuition often leads to disregarding our hunches — to our own detriment.

As I grew older, and my life felt like it was falling apart, I began a search for truth. You see, up until I broke free from the “powers” that held me captive; my mental, physical and emotional health was declining.  I was miserable in my toxic marriage to an alcoholic, I was questioning my religious beliefs that I felt were often shoved down my throat and many of which seemed “not right”. I was told, “Divorce is wrong, unacceptable, against the “law” of the church and unforgivable”, even when you’re being abused.

Reaching the lowest point of my life, I was feeling hopelessness.  I was a silent sufferer struggling with the “rules” and “systems” I was raised in and trapped by. Ultimately, my “world”, the thoughts that made up my beliefs and the inner programming that was automatically controlling my every move, were leading me on an ever increasing dark path.  I was slipping into my minds abyss. My physical body was falling apart.  I was losing myself, my soul and the beautiful woman that once exuded love, energy, and a spirit that was full of life.

Seriously, if I wasn’t a mother who loved her daughter more than life itself, I would have welcomed leaving this place I called a living hell here on earth.  Yet there was a voice in me that was relentless. It told me that I needed to be an example, I needed to suck this sh#t up buttercup, and figure out how to rise above a realm I really didn’t want to be a part of anymore.

One night I had a dream that would push me over the threshold of revelation.  I dreamt I was going to die of breast cancer.  Two weeks later, there I was in the doctor’s office having a biopsy on the lump I had found in my breast a few days after the dream. I intuitively knew my body was speaking to me. I intuitively knew the message was that I needed to change those areas in my life that were toxic and killing me or I would die sooner than later.  I intuitively knew I needed to get a divorce. I intuitively knew I’d suffer serious rejection.  I also intuitively knew I needed to stop ignoring my intuition; I needed to pay attention to the voice within and trust it.

In the past, there had been occasions where I listened.  Really listened, like the time I knew I needed to trade in my SUV.  I was having issues with my brakes.  One day driving my daughter and I to the store, my brake pedal stuck just as I was about to cross two lanes of traffic. I pumped the pedal, it didn’t budge.  I steered away from a car and made it safely to the other side of the road, thank God.  I contacted the dealership, brought it in for service, they said there was nothing wrong even though there were numerous complaints of the same sensor issue online.

Another day I was driving down a very steep hill, it was raining so badly that I could barely see out of my windshield.  I was far from home.  The brakes stuck again.  I panicked, I prayed, I took my foot off the gas and coasted for what seemed to be a lifetime, until I could slowly come to a stop on the side of the road.

STILL, my “then husband” would not listen to me when I said we needed to buy a new vehicle, the dealership ignored my desperation and explanation of the problem, so I listened to my sixth sense.  I drove to a dealership, found a new vehicle, traded in mine, and drove home with a new one.  Before I left, I told the dealership there was a serious problems with the brakes and they better fix it before someone gets badly hurt.

Three days later I got a call from an insurance company filing a claim against me and the vehicle I no longer owned.  Apparently the dealership had an employee drive the vehicle to an auto shop to have the paint touched up.  The employee got in a serious car accident.  LISTEN!

Just like me years ago, it seems that so many people these days have just stopped listening to the voice within.  The reasons are really irrational; we doubt our higher-self, we fear people and rejection more than losing our soul or life.  And the greatest tragedy is that we distrust our insight due to disbelief in our self. I know I became wary of being honest.

When I trusted I was safe, when I spoke about what I was thinking, dominating people seemed to have a comeback, a way of dismissing or disproving my insight.  Often my mentally abusive ex-husband would put me down as if I was imagining something that was not really happening.

Because of my high sensitivity, feeling DEEPLY, and in conflict situations constantly feeling HORRIBLE…

I stuffed my voice down like a child in a Catholic Church pew threatened to be silent and sit still or my sins would have serious repercussions.  I told myself it was best to believe or at least pretend I believed in what others told me.  Somehow the idea that it was not smart to listen to what my heart revealed, even if it was warning me, became my truth. I was living in fear based on a lie for most of my life.

It took years of struggles, years of putting myself down, years of thinking I would never really amount to anything because of all my shortcomings and crazy thinking,  and it was finally illness that woke me up.  All that I went through awakened me to who I really am, to a better truth, to a much more fabulous reality.  It may have taken over 50 years of enduring emotional pain and inner turmoil to get here, however I can look back now, knowing it was all a valuable teacher.  My life prepped me for my future, for the purpose I am created for.  I now know who I am, love the person that I am, and can announce it to the world without resistance, hesitation, or any embarrassment.

As a highly clairvoyant woman, an empath, an HSP, some say I have ADHD, I have since used many of those qualities to create the dream life I now live and love. I can see how not being aware of my gifts, the problems my abilities can create, how to manage my sensitivities and emotions, has caused so much unnecessary suffering in my life.  However, I have taken what I’ve experienced, learned and have been intuitively told, and am using it to better thousands of people lives through a business I developed from scratch.

Moving forward from a place of no regrets, you can find purpose.  Realizing that the problems experienced in my past, directly related to my “giftedness”, are happening in numerous others lives.  The stress, emotional duress, negative thinking and the entire “clinical” prognosis’s such as anxiety, depression, even dis-ease and numerous illnesses can be prevented or healed by an increased understanding of the mind, our energy, and holistic practices.

To maintain health, to live more fully and joyfully, to direct your career in a more aligned path with who you are, are all areas that the Rapid Results Mind Empowerment Coaching Program can help with.