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Raising the Bar in 2015-Shaping a Mindset for Thinking BIGGER!

  • Learn why the source of your frustration is not what is happening to you, it’s in your head.
  • Understand what the first step to playing big is and why most people never seem to take it to realize their goals and dreams.
  • Identify what the biggest obstacle to getting to where you want to be is.
  • What are the top three strategies you need to reinvent your present beliefs to play bigger, be bolder and break-through the walls that limit success.

Motivational, educational and transformational, this presentation will have you opening your heart and mind to find limitless possibilities to achieve personal and professional success in a BIG way.  Success begins in the mind and presenter Lori Bestler, will demonstrate how bigger thinking equals bigger success.

Lori Bestler; Mind Coach and National Award Winning Motivational Speaker, is known for her strategic approach; “Mindscapes System of Success”; “Rapid Results” coaching program and audio series, transforming clients from the inside out to realize the life they desire most.  As a Certified Mind Coach, National Motivational Speaker, and Hypnotherapist, with over 14 years corporate experience, and 19 years in small business, Lori empowers clients to get crystal clear on who they are, what they want, and master their psychology to release their fears, doubts, and worries that hinder them from being healthy, productive, and reaching higher levels of financial success and fulfillment in life.  Lori specializes in working with entrepreneurs and business professionals struggling with a busy mind, who want more control, are a bit stuck, yet are ready to step up and get forward focused to reach higher levels of success in all areas of life. 


METROPOLITAN Ballroom & Clubroom

5418 Wayzata Boulevard 

Golden Valley, MN 55416


Wednesday, December 17th, 2014 from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM (CST)

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