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The Empath, Sensitives and Awakening Souls

Struggles of The Empath, Sensitives and Awakening Souls Empaths, High Sensitive People and Awakening Souls all have a pattern of common struggles that hold them back from being all they are created to be and do.  Sadly, most of these intelligent, talented and keenly aware individuals often never realize their full potential. Changes in one's

You Are Enough-Unique, Worthy, Full of Purpose

You Are Enough The world will try to drag you down Telling you that you are not enough That you are less than the miracle that you are I hope you know this world shapes conformity Yet you need not follow the pack You need not fear being the diamond in the ruff Stand up,

  • Changing Energies

Rising Anxiety In 2021 and Beyond

Changing Energies Are On the Horizon Are You Prepared To Deal With Them? Do you know that you, as a human being, have both masculine and feminine energy in you? Well you do.  and this overall imbalance in humanity is causing a rise in anxiety as a result! Due to the imbalanced masculine and feminine

Embodying Your Highest Self For Success

Embodying Highest Self Have you ever wondered or even realized that you have a Highest Self? Sure do! Yet how do you know if you are “being” your highest or lowest self. Only one embodiment will allow you to step into the life you love and dream of. So here is the secret to unleashing

  • Celebrate You

Celebrating YOU

Tuesday Morning Inspiration After writing this message I decided to save it in my file for possibly publishing in my forthcoming book. Something in me said to share it with some past clients and close friends. Feeling inspired with that idea, I proceeded to take action.  I'm ever so glad I did. Within an hour,

Rising Above the Pandemic, Anxiety, and Panic

To Rise Above Adversity - Go Within If we're going to rise above these traumatic times, the panic, the anxiety, and the fears we face, we must first go within. There’s a pandemic, the world is shutting down, economies are grinding to a halt and stock markets are plummeting. Our America so great, a country

Better Days Ahead-Be Smart and Beat Coronavirus

Be Empowered, don't give your power away.  Based on being inundated with emails and posts on social media that understandably heightened tension, concern, and for some tremendous panic and fear, I am pretty certain that you are noticing the same things I am right now.  Depending on your mindset, you can see this situation as

  • Unstoppable

Being Unstoppable

Are You Unstoppable? People who refuse to give into the obstacles and adversity have a driving force that keeps them moving forward. It is rare yet possible to possess such an unstoppable force of determination. Years ago, #1 New York Times bestselling author Marie Forleo, was giving a talk about what it means to be

Stepping into Your Authentic Power and Intuition

Isn't it time to take hold of your personal truth, power and intuition? Yah, but!!!... Does this sound like you? Certain people find theirself experiencing persistent anxiety, worry, and stress.  They have a pattern of negative thinking where it seems impossible to experience true fulfillment, self-love, and authentic power.  These harmful undesirable traits hinder them

New Year and Intentions 2020

New Year, Intentions with a Positive Mindset 2020 marks the beginning of a brand new decade… It's a magical year, full of fresh starts, new goals, and letting go of the past. How will you set the tone? 2020 gives you a clean slate on which to set powerful intentions aligned with what you really

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Here’s what some of our thrilled clients have to say:

“Lori fit into the most effective category of speakers – educational, entertaining and above all…motivational. She was our keynote speaker and provided valuable information which every attendee found useful. She drew on and shared her personal experience with our attendees which made her very relatable. I was amazed at the amount of information she was able to fit into the limited framework of our session time. Our conference was certainly enhanced this year by bringing Lori in to open our annual conference. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. She is personable, an expert and highly creative. Thank you, Lori!” 

Mary Heller; MBA/HCM, CPMSM, Minnesota Association of Medical Staff Services

Thank you for presenting at our first Women in Business Seminar!  You are such an informative, fun and engaging speaker.  Our survey results confirmed that attendees truly enjoyed hearing your motivational presentation and meeting you.  Not only would I recommend you to others, women at the event indicated in the surveys they would too! You are such an inspiration, thank you!

Jenna, Community Pride Bank

“Lori, I had an idea of what I wanted to accomplish today, but had no clue how. And I knew I needed to think issues through at a deeper level to and gain clarity. You helped me do exactly that. As a result, I set myself free from limitations that I had placed on myself along time ago. 

My world has changed and I needed to give myself the power to adapt and be the best I can be for me. Once I grasped that through our session, I knew I was free to pursue limitless opportunities and overcome challenges. Thank you for your help in guiding me today. Whatever I do from here I will do it at my highest level and know that I have much to offer and to give.

Have a wonderful weekend and I will keep you updated on my progress. 


“OMGosh Lori, I LOVE listening to the Surge and Soar CD.  Lori Bestler’s motivational, inspiring voice does much more for a person than reading a magazine article or self-help book.  By listening to Surge and Soar you can tell that Lori means what she says … and in turn, I believed it too.  This motivated me to believe in myself, as these powerful words opened up my mind when I heard the words “Do what expresses you most,” “Here’s your chance,”  “Today … not tomorrow …”  and felt empowered when I heard words like “burning desire,” “unleash,” “fresh possibilities,” etc. 

This music is upbeat and enables the brain to think in a more positive way. I catch myself smiling all the time as I listen to this CD.”

Rose Duffy, Professional Musician with Hanging Curve

Lori, thank you so much for all you have taught me in the Finding Your Fulfillment seminar. I can’t believe the difference in my thinking. I have decided that I am going to take up photography. Something I have always wanted to do, but never took the time or thought that I could do it. I am really excited about it and I can see how the inspiration gives me the go power to do it and the drive to want to do it. Another thing I did in the last week was finish a hand quilt that I have been working on for 7 years. What a great sense of accomplishment I now feel. I think my family thought I would never complete it. They are truly amazed.

I took a couple of your cards to pass on to others. I think the class you teach is so valuable.

Martha Kline, TILR Technology - Eagan
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